2021 Emerging Digital Trends

Tech Trends 2021

There are many exciting and beneficial technologies which are being developed every day all over the world. Here are a few of the most innovative and enlightening technologies which will come about in the next year and beyond.

☑️ 5G Is the Future

Communication companies have been touting 5G for the last several years, but 2020 brought about a true need for its inception. Many have transitioned into teleconferencing and other forms of digital communications, creating demand for internet speeds that are faster and can hold far more bandwidth than the current 4G services.

The pandemic slowed down the building of 5G towers and temporarily halted the coming 5G revolution, but the process is back on track and should arrive sometime next year. Many are also helping make 5G affordable for many phone users as well, meaning the industry will see rapid enhancements in the coming months.

☑️ Improvements in Online Security

Cybersecurity has been a hot-button issue for many years. There have been several breaches of security that have affected massive corporations all over the globe, including corporations like Wells Fargo. Firms are working diligently to end the cyberattack threats for many firms, however, investing billions of capital into upgrading and enhancing their security standards.

Cyberattacks have also increased during the pandemic, as hackers have exploited the greater emphasis on digital communications for work reasons. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making great strides are poised to lead the way for greater security measures for many companies and private entities.

☑️ Flip Phones are Making a Comeback

When Apple revolutionized the shape of smartphones, it seemed like that innovation was permanent. However, now that mobile devices can do so much for so many, customers are seeking improvements in the forms of their mobile devices. That is, it seems like flip phones are making a comeback.

Samsung will be selling its Galaxy Fold 2 and Microsoft have recently released its Surface Duo. Both of these devices are “flip” in nature, allowing users to stay connected with devices that are lighter, smaller, and more versatile than ever. These devices double as both phones and tablets because of their capacity to fold easily and with much-touted durability and flexibility. In addition, PCs that can connect to LTE and 5G will become increasingly popular in the year 2021.

☑️ Headless Tech Is Emerging

Headless tech is the capability of companies to separate their front-end presentation from their backend data functionality. In short, this means that businesses can create custom shopping experiences for their customers. For example, people will be able to tell their Amazon Alexa to buy items from the grocery store or browse around on social media for neat purchases.

Greater capability to do this for companies will absolutely translate to this type of shopping becoming more popular. Businesses have recently increased customer acquisition costs which means they’ll need a better ROI from their new and current customers, in addition to upgrading their sales methods to increase their customer retention strategies. All in all, this will lead to an avalanche of new and exciting headless tech.

☑️ Remote Working Looks to be Permanent

One of the largest trends initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic has been that of working from home. Employees all over the country and globe have not been able to come into their offices physically, leading to a monumental paradigm shift by many companies. The days of working from the office may be permanently behind the vast majority of workers as digital technologies have made the work commute and on-site office obsolete.

Digital conferencing technologies like Zoom bring people together no matter where they are in the world and innovative tech companies like Google and Facebook have already announced that their work from home orders will be permanent, outlasting the pandemic.

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