National Cyber Security Awareness Month: Are You Protected?


The month of October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. It is a cumulative effort between Homeland Security, industry professionals, and the people to ensure safety and security for everyone online. If you aren't concerned about cyber security, you should be. Here are some tips for businesses and people at home to consider when ensuring the protection of their valuable personal data and confidential information on the Internet:

  1. Keep your software and operating systems up to date. This will prevent security gaps and limit system vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit.
  2. Set up firewalls. Do this to prevent hackers from gaining access to all areas of your network.
  3. Secure your Wi-Fi connections. Make sure your wireless connections are restricted to specific users.
  4. Be prepared and back up your data. Always make sure to back up your information in case of theft or accidental deletion.
  5. Create unique and hard-to-guess passwords. Keeping your passwords unique and private and encrypting your information will help deter hackers from stealing your personal information.
  6. Choose an IT team that will successfully help secure your personal data and confidential information. It’s important to find the correct IT team that you can trust to protect your data. For questions about all things cyber security-related, contact us here.

To know what to look for in a cyber security threat, check out our blog post here and learn further how to protect yourself from online attacks.

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