Q&A: The Cloud and I.T. Mobility

Staying Protected With The Cloud

As for main concern regarding employee remote access to company server/data or access via their private devices, it will have to be safety/security as well. If none of us protect our devices from viruses on a regular basis, then our remote access to company data from our private devices increase the risk of compromising our company data to hackers.

If so, by how much? Also, what if they leave their devices laying around, or share them with other family members, how can we protect company data from being viewed/accessed by on-employees? If they access our system from an open/unsafe setting (cafes, restaurants, etc), what exposure to risk does this pose to us? 

Here Next I.T. discusses some common questions about the Cloud and how managed backup services could protect your business in case of a disaster. 

Q: What’s the single most important questions about cloud data computing?

A: Proper security measures - theft and loss of personal devices and safeguards for sloppy personal security practices. Another of the single biggest concern is the usage of this technology after hours with non-exempt employees on the public cloud. The courts have determined when an employee is answering emails or conversing with clients as compensable time and this needs to be covered in detail with companies utilizing this technology.  The other major area of concern is the disclosure of confidential information and how to protect it.

Q: Cloud computing: When will it be affordable for us?

A: We are dealing with the cloud a LOT these days as Autodesk is introducing the “360” concept of cloud-based applications. I’m not sure my answers will be relevant, but please see below for my best response given our involvement with cloud-based computing.

Q: How do we ensure the security of the syncing of these devices? Calendar appointments don’t always sync properly.

A: Adding items to the cloud to me, is just another program which will not interface properly.

Q: How are programs and such monitored – is it much like a server with an administrative access, only in the cloud? Cloud Data Protection

A: The biggest concern would be what the employee brings in on their devices and what they leave with. Making sure nothing is business/patient related. Especially if the employee loses or borrows their device to a third person and it has sensitive information on it.

Q: We have our employees sign an agreement stating they will lock there handheld devices with a passcode, that has to be entered, before opening any applications on the device. How do you stay secure during this?

A: Mobile access is our biggest concern. For mobile devices that include contact information, and emails, we need to be sure they are secure even if someone manages to use them. Security of client information is also our biggest concern for remote access.

Q: I think my main concern would be relinquishing control of my data " in space".  How frequently will there be interruptions to accessing data?

A: The question and the concern are the same – security becomes more and more difficult to structure and maintain in a wireless and “cloud” environment. I think I am old-fashioned about this, but I never access banking or brokerage accounts on any mobile or wireless devices.

If I had client data to protect, I would be VERY cautious about allowing personal mobile devices to access business computing environments. While I am hardly a computer security expert, I read a lot of the literature, and I find the volume and variety of hazards to be frightening.

My BIGGEST concern regarding cloud computing is twofold:
  • What security exists today that protects the information stored in “my cloud”?
  • What steps would need to be taken should I be told that my server has been compromised and personal information has been exposed?

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