The 5 Most Exciting Tech Trends for 2021


The media can seem saturated with news of politics and the COVID-19 pandemic, making it difficult to appreciate the hopeful and technologically improved future the world will experience in the next year and beyond. It’s estimated that the last six months, even during the pandemic, has produced more digital advancement than the last two years combined.

There are many exciting and beneficial technologies which are being developed every day all over the world. Here are a few of the most innovative and enlightening technologies which will come about in the next year and beyond.

5G Is Here to Stay 


Communication companies have been touting 5G for the last several years, but 2020 brought about a true need for its inception. Many have transitioned into teleconferencing and other forms of digital communications, creating demand for internet speeds which are faster and can hold far more bandwidth than the current 4G services.

The pandemic slowed down the building of 5G towers and temporarily halted the coming 5G revolution, but the process is back on track and should arrive sometime next year. Many are also helping make 5G affordable for many phone users as well, meaning the industry will see rapid enhancements in the coming months.

Customer Data Platform Enhancements 


In recent years, many have seen the negative impact of fragmented data. Data is broken up as it’s transferred all over the world, and this fragmentation can cost the United States trillions every year because of efforts to reassemble and organize it. Many companies have tackled this issue head-on, developing methods and processes to reassemble data at a fraction of the cost and much more efficiently than current efforts.

Some of the leading companies in this field include Adobe, Oracle, and Treasure Data, as well as tech giant Microsoft. These companies are all racing to be the most efficient and cost effective in order to offer their services to a wide host of digital technology companies who are most negatively affected by data fragmentation.

New Cybersecurity Advancements 


Cybersecurity has been a hot button issue for many years. There have been several breaches of security which have affected massive corporations all over the globe, including corporations like Wells Fargo. Firms are working diligently to end the cyberattack threats for many firms, however, investing billions of capital into upgrading and enhancing their security standards.

Cyberattacks have also increased during the pandemic, as hackers have exploited the greater emphasis on digital communications for work reasons. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are making great strides are poised to lead the way for greater security measures for many companies and private entities.

The Work From Home Paradigm Shift


One of the largest trends initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic has been that of working from home. Employees all over the country and globe have not been able to come into their offices physically, leading to a monumental paradigm shift by many companies. The days of working from the office may be permanently behind the vast majority of workers as digital technologies have made the work commute and on-site office obsolete.

Digital conferencing technologies like Zoom bring people together no matter where they are in the world and innovative tech companies like Google and Facebook have already announced that their work from home orders will be permanent, outlasting the pandemic.

Heads Turn To Quantum Computing


While quantum computing may still be over the heads of many in the general population, experts are becoming increasingly excited about its potential. Companies IBM and Honeywell are leading the growth in this field and sparking the possibilities of quantum computing on a larger scale than previously thought possible.

In particular, quantum computing has been used to try to control the spread of the virus and mitigate its potentially disastrous effects on society and commerce on a nationwide level. Although there’s still a way to go for quantum computing to be brought into the mainstream, this is one area which has incredible potential to spread like wildfire in the next decade.

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