The Anatomy of a Human Firewall


Imagine a world where cyber attacks get extinguished before they can spread. Picture a work environment where you never have to worry if the attachment you received via email is actually a malicious document. Sounds great, right? Perhaps advances in technology will provide this utopia at some point in the future. But, until then, we need YOU to create this world. You are the first line of defense—the human firewall we trust to help dismantle cyber threats and mitigate security events. Cyber attacks almost always target human beings, not computers. 


No human firewall is complete without creating strong, unique passwords for every account. Keep in mind that passwords are one of the few things standing between sensitive data and the cybercriminals that want to steal it.

Common Sense 

The human firewall’s best weapon, common sense, includes obvious things like never giving out your passwords or posting sensitive data on public forums. It also means staying alert in the physical domain and ensuring no one tailgates off your credentials (such as sneaking in behind you when you access a secured area).


Social Engineering 

Scammers attempt to gain trust so they can exploit your emotions and leverage them against you. That’s why phishing attacks, for example, often feature threatening or desperate language. Anything to get you to click! Human firewalls quickly recognize these attacks and shut them down immediately.

Following Policy

We work hard on the policies we have in place. They exist for the security of everyone within our organization and are designed to improve our culture of security awareness. Human firewalls always follow policy and ask questions when they need more info.

Incident Response 

One of your top objectives, responding to incidents and reporting them immediately, is how we mitigate potential damage and prevent similar events from occurring again in the future. No incident is too small to report!

Proper Disposal 

Whether shredding documents or thoroughly erasing old devices and hard drives, human firewalls know that properly disposing of sensitive data is one of the best ways to prevent unauthorized access.

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