5 Digital Security Mistakes to Avoid for Businesses

digital security mistakes

If you have a business you are using the internet. From online ordering and purchasing to bill payments, your business information is out there. Protecting your business goes beyond physical security. You must be prepared on all fronts which means protecting yourself from cyber threats. That being said, in this digital age keeping up with new protocols for security can seem like a daunting task.

Don't worry though, we are going to show you the top 5 digital security mistakes you need to avoid to protect your business. Let's get started!

#1. Being Too Relaxed

Thinking that a cyberattack can't or won't happen to you is your first mistake. Current trends predict that the biggest cyberattack in history could be coming soon. Thinking that you are immune could lead to lax security measures in turn leaving your business vulnerable.

Keep in mind that while stolen physical items can be replaced a stolen identity can lead to financial woes that are incredibly difficult to resolve.

#2. Weak Passwords

If you have been using the same passwords since 2008, it's time for an update! Your passwords should be complex and have varied capitalization, symbols, and numbers.

Never use a password for more than one account. If you have different passwords for all of your accounts it makes it harder for hackers to gain access. A password manager can help you keep track of all of your complex new passwords. Consider two-factor authentication for added security especially when working remotely.

Relaxed At Work Tech

#3. Downloading Unverified Content

In many cases an unsolicited email from someone you have never met will be sent straight to spam. That being said, hackers are now sending spam under the guise of your friends, family, and colleagues. If something looks suspect, even if it is from someone you know, you should never download attachments.

The pop-up that indicates that you have a virus and must click to protect your computer has tricked more than one person in the past. Stay away from this tricky pop-up as it is the perfect way to download spyware and viruses to your computer.

This unverified content can lead to disastrous events for your computer including a loss of files and breaches in security.

#4. T.M.I

Recently more than 540 million Facebook records were exposed via a cloud server. Everything that you post or share is recorded and leaves its stamp on the internet. Oversharing personal information like your address or location can make it easy for hackers to steal your identity.

Consider updating all of your social media handles to protect yourself and your business. You should also discourage or ban the use of work computers for personal social media use by employees.

#5. Using Public Wi-Fi

It's best practice to do as much as you can on your home or secure work network. That being said, there are many jobs and tasks that are done remotely. It's in your best interest to stress to employees that any remote work needs to be done on a secure network.

Using public wi-fi to access financial records, pay bills, or view accounts puts your business at risk of a cyberattack. when remote work must be done consider using a VPN or Virtual Private Network. The VPN will encrypt data and change your IP address making it harder for hackers to breach your security.

Preventing Digital Security Mistakes

These 5 tips will help you to protect your business. If you are still feeling like you may be prone to digital security mistakes you might consider contacting a professional in the field of cybersecurity. Technology is constantly evolving so we need to as well. For more information contact us by clicking here.

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