Don't Get Caught: How To Stop Phishing Attacks

Stop Phishing Attacks

What exactly is phishing and how do you prevent it from happening to you? As one of the oldest forms of cyberattacks, phishing can occur when a hacker disguises him/herself to their intended victim as a trustworthy entity - like a bank or familiar company that the victim already does business with - through an email with a call-to-action or "link" to download. When the victim clicks the intended bait, they get hooked - meaning the hacker gets an all-access pass to their private information and personal data. Here we will talk about a couple of tactics your business can utilize to stop phishing attacks in their tracks and manage your security. 

Think Before You Click!

Cautious Online

It's important to always be aware and cautious of suspicious emails and websites - especially when an email address or website you don't recognize is trying to get you to download something or click a link. When a hacker attempts to phish, they will try to get you to submit your information or click into something that will download malware or ransomware so that they can hijack your information. If you are unsure whether something is safe or not, ask an I.T. expert or go directly to the source before clicking or downloading anything!

Firewalls Are Key


Implementing firewalls on your desktop and network will create a barrier between you and the people out there that want to steal your data. Having this extra form of security will help reduce your chances of getting hooked by a hacker. Keeping your software and operating systems up-to-date will also drastically increase your network protection!

Antivirus and Anti-Malware Software


Using and consistently updating antivirus and anti-malware software on your devices protects against any file that comes through or is downloaded from the Internet. These softwares will monitor and scan every file and protect against malicious attacks from hackers. Keeping them up to date will also be beneficial, as hackers tend to modify their viruses to infiltrate any loopholes within the software.

It's important to have a worry-free online experience, and finding the right I.T. company can help with that. If you are unsure about suspicious emails or websites, it's best to find the right team to implement security measures to protect you and your data.


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