Hackers Just Don't Care: An Internal Checklist


When a hacker chooses a target, the criteria for landing on their hit list is...well, nonexistent. Most hackers don't have a particular "type". They'll go after anyone, at any time. CEO's have to consistently ask themselves questions about their company and how to protect against hacking and cybersecurity. You may think you're the exception to the rule, but the simple truth is that hacker's don't care:

Ο About the size or application of your project

Ο That a third party is handling your security

Ο That it's a legacy system used just for data storage

Ο That patches or updates might mess up an outdated system you rely on

Ο That you've got a specific acceptable outage window

Ο What your budget is

Ο That you've always done things a certain way, and it's been fine until now

Ο What your Go-Live Date is/what your launch timeline looks like

Ο That you're locked into a nondisclosure

Ο That your systems are strictly internal

Ο That you haven't gotten around to replacing outdated parts of your infrastructure

Ο You can't show a concrete ROI for security spending

Ο You trust your employees to not create security risks

Ο You've go a contractor assuming that the risk for you

Ο You've got other priorities - you'll get around to worrying about security eventually

Give this list a careful read through. How many can you check off? If the answer is anything more than zero, give Next I.T. a call at (866) 388-6398 or email us at support@next-it.net to learn how we can help you improve your cybersecurity posture, and keep hackers from wreaking havoc on your business.

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