Is Your Network Security In Shape For 2021?

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Your business is important to you. Your business' network security is also important to you. That network is a complex ecosystem built up of other networks, or systems - much like the human body. A lot of people dedicate their New Year's Resolutions to getting their bodies in shape, but what about getting your company's cyber security in shape too?

The new year is upon us - which means new advancements in technology and hackers galore. Making sure your network is secure and your cyber security measures are up to date and strong is incredibly important in the coming year! Here's a checklist of some of the things to keep in mind when bulking up your business' security and protecting your important data and personal information for 2021!


Get Those Gains And Stay Up-To-Date

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No matter what type of operating system you use, it is important to always stay updated. Setting up automatic system updates is critical in keeping your network and device secure. By updating your OS regularly, you are protecting your network from vulnerabilities that hackers can use against you to obtain your personal data and important information. Setting up automatic, recurring updates will facilitate patch issues in your programs and troubleshooting problems.

In addition to updating your operating system, keeping your antivirus and anti-malware software up-to-date will help safeguard your network and private company data. Frequent scans on your devices and any additional external hard drives used for business will prevent hackers from breaking through your security system.


Do Some Heavy Lifting And Set Up Firewalls

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Setting up secure strongholds, i.e. firewalls, will boost the security of your network by keeping out unauthorized users and unwanted content. Firewalls also help fight back against worms, viruses, and ransomware that hackers can utilize to steal your information. They also help monitor traffic and ensure that your devices and network are safe against a cyber attack.


Understand Flexibility

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In this day and age, technology is all about mobility. As tech has advanced, the internet has become more flexible. It's easily accessible from your mobile device, your desktop computer, your tablet, or your smart watch. By understanding the flexibility of the World Wide Web, it is easier to understand that security is incredibly important when storing your data online or when using any of your devices. As technology continues to change and grow, so does cyber security, so staying up-to-date on the latest advancements and internet trends will help you keep your data safe and secure!


Pump I.T. Up....With Encryption!


When it comes to confidential data - whether it be your personal information, company data, or client content - encryption is key. Encryption safeguards private information by keeping unwanted users out as information is transmitted from network to network. It essentially uses code to disguise your confidential data so that only users with specified access keys can unlock the information. Protect your company information and client data by encrypting that private information!


Do Your Reps And Choose The Right Team

Choosing the best I.T. team is critical when protecting your company and yourself against online attacks. It is critical to cover all of your bases and protect your business from outside threats that try to steal your data. Next I.T. provides services such as professional consulting, all areas of cyber security, support, and secure backup solutions at an affordable price for all types of businesses. Read more about what we can do here.


Ready to whip your network into shape? Download this cyber security ebook today and let Next I.T. be your New Year's Resolution!


Cyber Security Checklist