Finding Your Perfect Michigan I.T. MSP: Top 3 Factors to Evaluate


When considering a Michigan I.T. Managed Service Provider as your business partner, you want to be sure you are looking for what fits your business needs. 1. Are they qualified? 2. What do other companies say about them, and 3. Will they consider your company’s specific needs, goals, and budget? 

Do your research, do an internal review, and consider these 3 things:


Their qualifications: licensing & recommendations

When it comes to I.T. management service companies, cybersecurity, and any type of technology management for your company, you want someone knowledgeable and also compliant!  What is happening in Michigan may not be the same in other states, so you want to be sure that they know your regional requirements and needs. 

What types of certifications do they have? Are they partners with companies like Cisco, HP, Microsoft, WMWare, or other companies you may be utilizing services from that they will need to collaborate with? 

Do their capabilities encompass threat management, a remote support team, a business technology advisor, cloud services, a service team to install new technology and upgrade current technology, and a virtual CIO to recommend, direct, and consult the best proactive practices, as we suggested in this 2019 blog.

What size companies do they have experience with? Giant corporations will have many different needs than small or medium-sized businesses.  Do they have references and testimonials or case studies from previous companies they’ve worked with?


Do They Have A Technology Plan or Technology Roadmap

When planning for services offered, look for an IT Management Partner that considers where you are, where you want to be, and what disasters could strike in your business journey.  There are so many risks to consider for your cybersecurity that you might not think of them all, but a quality IT support company will. 

Your new technology company should schedule time early on to help create a Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan or A Business Continuity Plan to consider these steps in your business. There are many benefits to having this plan and having help from information technology experts to put it together. 


Cost-effective / Budget Conscience

Obviously, every company needs to consider its budget along with the needs of the company. Does it really save money to hire outside I.T. managed services? By partnering with the right MSP, you are going to get a lot more for your investment. Not to mention, the security and value you get with offloading your IT infrastructure management to an I.T. Managed Service Provider according to this Valeo study….

Look at what the company is suggesting and ask if all of it is really necessary. Do they offer ala carte options, or are they able to customize a plan for you with consulting hourly blocks or fixed budgeting options?  It should be noted that a quality company (in any field) should be paying for itself through its expertise, management, and recommendations, saving you not only money but time. 


What to do next?

Once you have all of your company’s needs and budget requirements in hand, take a look at this guide with 25 more questions to ask or consider when choosing a qualified  I.T. company. Feel free to reach out to Next IT if you need additional help or would like a free consultation.